Rurui Tarpan XT9

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  • Perfect Ebike with XT9

    Rurui XT9 is the perfect electric bike for someone who is looking for control and comfort. Riding bike uphill or downhill, you can conquer them at ease.

  • 750W Ebike Hub Motor

    The 750W 65N⋅m torque brushless motor in conjunction with the 7-speed deraileur develops a excellent balance of speed and climbing ability.

  • Lithium Battery with 48V 14.5Ah

    A waterproof battery with high capacity offers a long-range, assisting you to go faster at 26-31 MPH.

Three Working Modes of Rurui Tarpan XT9 Electric Bike

If you are a recreational cyclist, a daily commuter, a delivery person, an elderly, or the one seeking to be healthy and physically fit, you'll find this bike helps a lot. You'll have more fun with the three working modes to enjoy daily adventure, explore more, reduce stress, lower the impact on your knees during exercise/risk of diabetes, and improve your breath/sleep/energy level to improve your health.

<strong>Electric Mode</strong>: Set the PAS to any level but 0 and push the thumb throttle to ride the bike with 100% battery takeover. The 48V 14.5Ah battery and 750W high-speed motor can lead you <strong>45-49 miles</strong> at the max <strong>25-26mph</strong> top speed.
<strong>Hybrid Mode</strong>: Kick the pedal over half a circle to activate the pedal-assist system. The battery and motor work with a changeable current and power based on your pedaling frequency. You can get the battery range per charge doubled to <strong>90-98 miles</strong> if pedaling 50% or more, which means you can turn it into a good friend for commute, work, and long-range adventure. And this is a good start if you're beginning to workouts.
<strong>Sports Mode</strong>: Different from a glorified MOPED, you can still get a great workout even riding with Hybride Mode only. If you have been sticking for some days and want to get more exercise, set it to PAS 0 or turn on the display to begin your challenge.
  • Quality Parts for Max Comfort

    Designed by clean geometries and available 7-speed, XT9 is powerful enough to support your shuttle in the city. Technical accessories such as a front suspension fork and fat tires are flexible enough to provide you with a comfortable cruise.

  • Disc Brakes

    Disc brakes provide you with great control and safety to confidently ride over different road conditions in any weather.

  • Adjustable Front Suspension

    A preload adjustable / lockable aluminum alloy front fork provides available cushioning where it counts.

  • 26*4.0 Fat Tires

    4.0 fat tires not only helps you conquer challenging terrains but also does guarantee you a smooth and safe ride.

  • Shimano 7-Speed Deraileur

    With Shimano 7-Speed derailleur, it is of great ease for you to go uphill or downhill. And your chain stays on no matter how hard you pedal.

Advanced Comforts and Controls of Rurui Tarpan XT9

The comforts and controls are the most considered factor in choosing a bike besides power, speed, and mile range. It's even more important than the motor or the battery for some experienced riders. Rurui engineers build your bikes with quality components and parts that best fit most American customers.

<strong>Shimano 7-Speed Derailleur</strong>: As one of the best derailleur brands, Shimano provides the most durable, reliable performance. You can go up hills or boost speed easily as you like with different gears. You'll find the one that fits you best anytime.
<strong>Adjustable Aluminum Suspension Fork</strong>: The 120mm travel distance coil aluminum alloy fork absorbs impact when riding with complex controls on hills and moutains to reduce the pressure on your wrist and arm.
<strong>4 Inch Fat Tires</strong>: The wide tires provide you with extra grip and traction. Fat bikes are able to travel over diverse terrains, from snow to sand. Combined with low tire pressure, you are able to pedal over terrain that'd make conventional tires sink.

Other Advantages of Rurui Tarpan XT9 Electric Bike

Rurui electric bikes feature a long list of premium and upgraded components, and are carefully engineered to provide riders with thrilling performance, unmatched safety, and extraordinary functionality. There is a good reason customers proclaim that Rurui delivers the absolute most e-bike bang for your buck! At Rurui, we refuse to choose cheap maded parts&components to build a bike with a popular specification motor&battery and admirable price. If you get the price now, you may lose more in the bike lifespan.

For this bike, you will see the multi-functional display, CHAOYANG/CST tires, waterproof integrated headset, ergonomic rubber grips, wide saddle seat, aluminum alloy crankset with guard, aluminum alloy pedals, adjustable aluminum alloy kickstand with wide foot, and more solid components.


General Electrical & Power Components Manual
Range34-46 Miles
Speed26 MPH
Bike Weight65lbs
SuspensionFront Suspension
Tires26"x4" CHAOYANG/CST
ClassificationUp to Class 3
Weight Capacity240lbs
Transmission7-Speed Shimano
Motor750W (1,300W Peak)
Battery48V 14.5AH
ThrottleThumb Throttle
Charger54.6V 2Amp
DisplayAdvanced LCD Display
USB ChargerNo
Frame6061 Aluminum Heat-Treated
BrakesMechanic Disc Brake
WheelsAluminum Alloy 80MM
Tires26"x4" CHAOYANG/CST
ForkCoil Spring Suspension
Transmission7-Speed Shimano
Chainring48T with PVC Guard
Mud GuardsNot Included
PedalsPlatform Pedals
Rear RackNot Included
SeatCushioned Wide Saddle
BellNot Included
KickstandAluminum alloy, Adjustable

Size & Fit

Ⓐ - Total Length76.4"
Ⓑ - Handlebar Height41.3"
Ⓒ - Wheelbase47.3"
Ⓓ - Minimum Seat Height36.2"
Ⓔ - Maximum Seat Height43.3"
Ⓕ - Top Tube Length22.4"
Ⓖ - Standover Height28.6"
Ⓗ - Chain Stay Length20.5"
Ⓘ - Wheel Diameter29"
Ⓙ - Head Tube Angel68°
Ⓚ - Handlebar Length25"
Ⓛ - Handlebar Reach16.9"

Product FAQs

Would this bike be a good fit for me? I'm 5'9".

Yes, the recommended rider height of this Rurui Tarpan XT9 is 5'4" - 6'2".

How do I find what bike size is for me? I have my inseam size.

We recommend looking at our size chart and viewing the standover height. Comparing this to your inseam, you will want to get the frame that is closest to - but is not higher than your inseam.

When will my bike ship?

The Rurui Tarpan XT9 is in stock now, your bike will ship out in two business days. And you will recieve a tracking email once we send it.

Is the battery pack removable so that i don’t have to bring my entire bike in my home to charge?

Yes, the battery is removable. You can find the battery lock at the bottom of the down tube.

Is there a button for the headlight? How do i turn on the front headlight?

Usually, you can turn on/off the headlight by pressing the UP arrow button for three seconds.

What is the warranty on this product?

We offer a 1-year warranty on bike frame and battery, 5-months warranty on other components upon factory default. For more information on our policy. View our warranty here.

How do I start my bike?

Usually, you can turn ON/OFF the bike by pressing the M[MODE] button for three seconds.

What is the diameter of the head stem? Can I install a handlebar extender/riser on this bike?

The head stem diameter of the Rurui Tarpan XT9 is 28.6mm and the handlebar is 31.8mm. You can install a compatible one as you like.

What class is this bike?

It is a class 3 bike.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Timothy B. (United States)
Great bike!

I’ve truly enjoy riding my xt9 so far. It’s a fun way to get around and save gas. I was able to locate all of the maintenance help via YouTube. I hope to put hundreds of miles on this bike.

Jack S. (United States)
Great Bike, Lacking Instructions

The bike is smooth, quick, and reliable, but was very difficult to assemble due to the lack of clear or accurate instructions available. None were included with the bike and what was available was inaccurate and misleading which lead to having to contact customer support. No instructions were found for the assembly of the fenders I purchased as well, and I had to assemble it by assuming where the parts ought to go.

C.G. (United States)
More than I anticipated

This bike is a beast. I’m 200lbs and I took it on a paved bike trail that has its share of hills and obstacles. This thing handled like a champ. 15 miles in an hour with it on level 1 and 2 PAS most of the way. Only burned a quarter of the battery. Brakes could be better and you need to make sure all nuts and bolts are snug and secure prior to a first ride. Well worth the price. My only complaint is that removing the battery is a pain. You need to lift the tail end of the bike or lay it down to get the incredibly long battery out of the housing. If that’s the worst of my day, I’ve had a great day..

Richard A. (United States)
A very nice bike so far!!

I just received my Tartan XT9 yesterday and put it together. A nut was missing to install the front light and i had to replace both nut and bolt with standard as i do not have access to metric. The front brake was not working and i had to open the brake assembly which was binding a bit and needed adjustment. Considering it is shipped with the front wheel detached, one can expect to fiddle a bit with some adjustments.
Except for these minor problems, all is now working. No manual means that you have to go online to understand how to work the M5 controller. I only got a few miles since yesterday but so far, i love it and am very happy with the bike. My dog used to run in front of my regular bike and now she runs behind!!

Anonymous Customer (United States)

I just bought it because bikedasher on tik tok has it

David D. (United States)
Good bike solid service

I bought this bike from my son he loves it.
It looks nice and he always gets awesome comments on it.
We did have a problem with the motor, The customer service is good we trouble shot the problem, They sent me a replacement part and the bike is working.
We put over a 120 miles so far.
I would recommend, it is a solid bike.

David B. (United States)
Very glad I purchased

I won't get to wordy here, I don't really do reviews but this bike is great so far! I received it in late Feb the order came weeks before initial shipping date. It was very easy to assemble even tho I did run into a bottle neck on the wheel you use the lock thing I forget what it's called but customer service replied very quickly and have also followed up which is really cool. Back to the bike easily assembled and took it to the road it was very comfortable I am 300lbs that is why I got this bike, multi surgeries and in pain all the time but I enjoy riding and it works perfect to have the electric bike just in case I wasn't able to make it back because of pain I can use the pedal assist and or just cruise it which it got up to 28mph with me on it. Great buy and I love it, still new I can let you guys know about it and some weight loss later :) lol

Kelly (United States)
Incredible bike for price!

Absolutely beautiful bike for price. I receive compliments every day on it. A ten year old could put it together, I was really impressed at how much thought was put into making it as easy to assemble as possible. When you open the box you'll know what I mean. I would HIGHLY recommend buying this bike, you are not going to get a better deal for the price tag. Onto a couple of negatives. The tires suck! I've had the bike for a month and had two flats, one of which was last night from running over a staple! I will definitely be replacing the tires with something with a thicker tread and self-sealing tubes. Now my biggest complaint; the front tire is supposed to come with a rod through it and two attaching bolts as per the manual and on-line video. What it actually came with is a really crappy, jerry-rigged quick release that had me looking through the box four times for the missing parts! If it's too loose, the tire jumps two inches to the left when you brake and too tight, binds up the wheel so your speed and mileage are greatly impacted. With this problem I'm getting 16 miles per charge and max speed of 22-23 mph in full e-bike mode. I hope to resolve this really annoying problem with customer support as the front wheel attachment is not as advertised in their literature!!! OK, so my final verdict is this is a must buy e-bike. It's gorgeous and extremely well made and very easy to assemble. You are not going to get a better e-bike for under $1400. The other issues are not significant enough to not recommend it and can be fixed. Buy it!!!