Rurui XT8 Black Blue

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  • Enjoy Summer Cycling with XT8

    A powerful Bafang motor is coupled with high battery capacity, which means that you can cruise for a long time and go everywhere on it whatever the terrain is.

  • Bafang 500W Hub Motor

    500W Motor Set with 80N⋅m Torque

    800W Powerful Peak Output

    Extremely Fast Acceleration

  • 48V/14AH Lithium-ion Battery

    672W⋅h Large Battery Capacity

    Easy to Remove / Operate

    Reliable & Long Lifespan

Three Working Modes of Rurui XT8 Black Blue Electric Bike

If you’re a recreational cyclist, a daily commuter or the one seeks health and fitness, you’ll definintly fall in love with XT8 ebike, which brings a great improvement to riding comfort and easy-of-use because of three working modes.

<strong>Electric Mode</strong>: Set the PAS to any level but 0 and push the thumb throttle to ride the bike with 100% battery takeover. The 48V 14Ah battery and 500W <strong>BAFANG</strong> motor can lead you <strong>40-44 miles</strong> at the max <strong>25-27mph</strong> top speed.
<strong>Hybrid Mode</strong>: Kick the pedal over half a circle to active the pedal-assist system. With a changeable current, the battery range per charge double to <strong>80-86 miles</strong> while pedaling 50% or more, which means XT8 can take you further.
<strong>Sports Mode</strong>: Different from a glorified MOPED, you can still get a great workout even riding with Hybride Mode only. If you have been sticking for some days and want to get more exercise, set it to PAS 0 or turn on the display to begin your challenge.
  • Quality Parts for Max Comfort

    Rurui XT8 is equipped with four-bar rear suspension, responsive air fork and 9-speed gears, allowing you set your own pace and explore nature in spring.

  • Hydraulic Disc Brakes

    Hydraulic disc brakes provide you with great control and safe to confidently ride over different road conditions in any weather.

  • Front Suspension

    No terrain is too rugged for our Rurui and a lockable aluminum alloy air suspension fork offers you a next-level of ride comfort.

  • Rear Suspension

    Absorbing up 750 pounds of bump impact, rear suspension gives high protection and escort no matter where you are.

  • Advanced 9-Speed Freewheel

    Not only does an advanced 9-speed freewheel run you faster but also brings you more options to conquer the trip or commuting.

Advanced Comforts and Controls of Rurui XT8 Black Blue

In addition to considering the power and range of the bike, comfort and control are also the main factors in choosing a bike. To offer a better customer service, Rurui team builds your bikes with quality components and parts that best fit most American customers.

<strong>Hydraulic Disc Brake</strong>: The front and rear hydraulically actuated calipers are more responsive to grab the rotors when applying the brake. By reducing the reaction time, riders will get a shorter brake distance, no matter the weather and road conditions. (Bike stops in 0.72s if brake at 15.6MPH)
<strong>Advanced 9-Speed Derailleur</strong>: A smoother shifting and lighter weight gearing system brings better control experience. You can go up hills or boost speed easily as you like with 9-speed gears. You'll find the one that fits you best anytime.
<strong>Front & Rear Suspension</strong>: The 750lbs 170mm high-performance linkage driven single pivot rear suspension and aluminum alloy air suspension fork absorb impact when riding to bring you next-level comfort.

Other Advantages of Rurui XT8 Black Blue Electric Bike

It features both a long list of premium and upgraded components. It even has extraordinary functionality, thrilling performance, and unmatched safety for our riders. There is a good reason customers proclaim that Rurui delivers the absolute most e-bike bang for your buck! 

For this bike, you will see the multi-functional display, CHAOYANG/CST tires, waterproof integrated headset, ergonomic leather grips, soft saddle seat, aluminum alloy crankset with guard, aluminum alloy pedals, adjustable aluminum alloy kickstand with wide foot, and more durable components.


Size & Fit

Product FAQs

Would this bike be a good fit for me? I'm 5'9".

Yes, the recommended rider height of this Rurui XT8 Black Blue is 5'4" - 6'2".

How do I find what bike size is for me? I have my inseam size.

We recommend looking at our size chart and viewing the standover height. Comparing this to your inseam, you will want to get the frame that is closest to - but is not higher than your inseam.

When will my bike ship?

The Rurui XT8 Black Blue is in stock now, your bike will ship out in two business days. And you will recieve a tracking email once we send it.

Is there a button for the headlight? How do i turn on the front headlight?

Usually, you can turn on/off the headlight by pressing the UP arrow button for three seconds.

What is the warranty on this product?

We offer a 1-year warranty on bike frame and battery, 5-months warranty on other components upon factory default. For more information on our policy. View our warranty here.

How do I start my bike?

Usually, you can turn ON/OFF the bike by pressing the M[MODE] button for three seconds.

What is the diameter of the head stem? Can I install a handlebar extender/riser on this bike?

The head stem diameter of the Rurui XT8 Black Blue is 28.6mm and the handlebar is 31.8mm. You can install a compatible one as you like.

What class is this bike?

It is a class 3 bike.

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