Display Features and Operation

The display shows details about your bike such as battery charge, speed, and more! This guide will walk you through the various features of the display and how to use them!

Information on the Display

Location Information on Screen Battery Level Indicator Headlight Indicator Brake | Cruise Indicator Speedometer in mph or km/h Operation Mode Faults Indicator Multi-Information Area     - Odometer, Trip Odometer     - Current Voltage, Current     - System Error Code     - System Uptime     - Watt Meter     - Odometer Unit

Using the Display

There're three buttons for customers to operate the Display, a (MODE) button[1], an UP arrow button[2], and a DOWN arrow button[3].

All of the three buttons and their combinations may perform a variety of operations or toggle between different information on the Display. Check out the table below to see what you can do with them and what you will see by doing that.

Operation Directions
Turn the bike ON/OFF Press and hold M[1] until the screen lights
Turn the headlight ON/OFF Press and hold UP[2] until the Indicator change
Turn ON walk mode While dismounted, press and continue to hold DOWN[3]
Increase the PAS/throttle level Press and relase UP[2]
Decrease the PAS/Throttle Level Press and relase DOWN[3]
Toggle speed. Press and hold M[1]&DOWN[3] until Speedometer change
Toggole odometer and others Press and release M[1]
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