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Frame Bag
carl h. (United States)
nice travel bag Thanks again

This may come in handy

Enjoyed getting back into bike

bikeEnjoyed getting back into bike riding with my wife. Roads, trails, and hills are much easier to manage allowing you to take longer rides to enjoy more of what nature has to offer.

Fantastic bike!

Fantastic bike!

Best investment for your health and fun!!

This bike is well worth the money. It gives you plenty of exercise with the freedom to travel hills with ease! I love it 😍

Great bike!

At 350 miles this bike is doing great! Love it!

Yes just wish it could

couldYes just wish it could go 5 miles faster😂🤣😂 but I’m happy with it.

Get it

I put 1,000 miles on it with no issue ever.

A great bike.

What can I say except it Is a good bike. I have not driven my car in almost 2 months because of this bike. This also makes going places easier, more convenient and much more enjoyable.

Rurui Kestrel XT3
bill (United States)
Love this bike

I wanted to wait til I had some miles on my bike before I reviewed it. I have 250 miles on it now and can say that this bike is a great value. The 16ah battery has great range. I will take it on regular 20 mile rides and never have it go below 1/2 power level and I ride mostly in pedal assist 2. I had to adjust the brakes a couple times to get them set up perfectly, but they work fine. The seat is comfortable. Dollar for dollar it would be hard to find a better comparable bike. Added a rear rack and saddle bags and an adjustable handlebar riser and a cup holder (gotta have one of those) Very pleased with my purchase.

We are enjoying the bikes

bikesWe are enjoying the bikes very much. Going for some great rides and having good times with friends.

Battery Charger
Nicolas D. (United States)

it works

Lovin it!

Love it, Great Design. I live on the beach and take it everywhere up and down the coast.

Pedal assist

I am really impressed with the features. I especially like the pedal assist. Being older it really helps when going up steep hills.

Rurui Aurochs XT10
Rob S. (United States)
Just ok

Derailleur says Shimano but it is not. Bike won’t shift well, chain skips. Bike shop cost me well over $100 to fix/replace cheap components. Will see how it rides soon. You pay for what you get.

Rurui Aurochs XT10
Tim D. (United States)
Rurui lover

Most responsive thumb throttle out of any eBike I've tried. Stops and starts immediately. Also a head turner. Great looking bike. It's like getting counseling lol. Even in other neighborhoods on pavement it's so fun. Before I know it I've traveled 10 miles. Love this bike.

Just a great bike all

Just a great bike all around. On the pavement or dirt. Fun for a casual ride or a serious workout!

We are having the best

bestWe are having the best time on these bikes! Purchasing these two bikes has been the best investment.

No regrets

I debated whether to purchase my ebikes locally or to purchase them online from a seemingly distant but US location. I chose Rurui because I liked their style, design and of course price.
This is my first e-bike and I absolutely love it! You'll never go weary after every ride that you'll want more miles covered!
I highly recommend this to anyone looking to buy their first e-bike. It will definitely give you a huge impression about electric bikes. I warn you though, once you go electric, you'll never go back!!

Rurui Aurochs XT10
Tom H. (United States)
Great value for cost - Excellent customer service

I bought my XT10 back in march and while I had some issues with a component, customer service was EXCELLENT and very responsive. We worked through the issue until it was completely resolved. I've now had over 100 problem-free miles on the e-bike and am very happy. I did replace the spring body shock with an airshock from Amazon, as well as the saddle for one not quite so large. The airshock is a must if you are operating off-road. The saddle is a personal decision. There was nothing wrong with the spring-shock that the bike came with, but I wanted something with a lockout.
Again though, the level of customer-service I received from Rurui was top-notch. Perhaps better than I could have expected from a local company.

Rurui Tarpan XT9
Timothy L.


Rurui Aurochs XT10
Lou D. (United States)
Rurui Aurochs XT10 E-Bike

My first E-bike, and what a great choice I made! It was delivered when expected, and seeing that it came all the way from California, was very happy to see that there was no shipping damage. Wasn't hard to assemble at all. Took about 40 minutes. Didn't have any complaints, except I wished they had supplied me with a manual for the M6C color display. The battery came pretty well charged so I could take it out for a quick test ride when I finished. This bike is a lot of fun. Everything was adjusted perfectly. The gears shifted smoothly, the hydraulic brakes worked great, so I couldn't have been happier. The only negative on the components that I had was a very cheap taillight, which I have already replaced with a much nicer one. Other than that I am very impressed with the build quality of the bike. I had a couple small questions at first, and Winnie was very responsive to give me answers. By the way, she also has sent me the color display manual for the M6C color display, which allows you to adjust the options on the bike, such as max speed, either 3 or 5 assist modes, display brightness, and others. Have had it for a few days now and have taken 25 mile trips and still had 4 bars left when I got home. I think as long as you use the bottom 2 or 3 pedal assist modes you can easily go 45 miles, (maybe further) without fear of the battery running too low. Showed the bike to my neighbor, and he's getting ready to order one. He's a big guy, and loves the fat tires, and the weight and looks of the bike, which just feels like it can withstand a lot of punishment. I don't think you can go wrong with this bike. The 750w motor is really responsive and I've had it up to 28 mph so far. You'll probably want to add a few accessories to it, like a rear view mirror, and a bell. I'm attaching a couple pictures of my first day with the bike.

Intelligent Air Pump
Hugh O. (United States)

Intelligent Air Pump

Very high quality

We bought 2 of these for my wife and I. We are very happy with them and they are as high in quality as bikes costing hundreds more.

Rurui Aurochs XT10
Lou D. (United States)
Aurochs XT10 from Rurui

I am very happy with my purchase of the Aurochs XT10 from Rurui! The bike was shipped to me in 8 days. My first concern was if there would be shipping damage, but was happy to see there was none. Assembly was fairly simple and took about 40 minutes. The battery came with a significant charge on it so you can test ride it right after assembly. Being my first experience with E-bikes I was thrilled with the performance of the motor using pedal assist. Puts a smile on your face immediately! The seat is comfortable and I being 5'10" had to lower the seat post to all the way down. This is a big bike, so wouldn't recommend it for anyone shorter than me. The 26' X 4" Fat tires give you a great feeling of stability. The push button Shimano shifter worked flawless right out of the box. It does take a couple revolutions of the pedals sometimes for the motor to react, but that's nitpicking. This bike is a great purchase for the money and will give you many years of enjoyment. Took it out on my first decent ride yesterday. Went 20 miles using a combination of pedal assist and throttle and really enjoyed it. Had about 1/3 battery power left when I got home. The hydraulic brakes work great! The fat tires performed very well on a gravel trail on straightaways and turns. The only negative things I experienced, and these are minor issues, is that I couldn't get the lights to turn on. The way you turn on the front headlight is by long pressing the up button. That wouldn't work. After investigating I found that the light is not hardwired, and during shipping the plug that connects to the rear of the light had come loose but not completely off. Once I firmly inserted the plug all the way the headlight worked correctly. The rear taillight didn't work at all. You have to manually turn it on. First you have to remove a plastic insulator by pulling out the tab and then there is a rubber actuator button on top which when pressed should turn it on. Didn't work even when pressing very firmly. took it apart and found that if I pressed the tiny microswitch it would turn on. Put it back together and same story. wouldn't turn on. There was definitely an alignment issue with the rubber actuator and the internal microswitch. To be frank, it's just a very cheap light anyways, and I plan on investing in a better 3rd party taillight. Like I said, these things were minor issues, and I still plan on giving the Aurochs XT10 a 5 star rating. You won't be disappointed with this E-bike!!

Rurui Tarpan XT9
Timothy B. (United States)
Great bike!

I’ve truly enjoy riding my xt9 so far. It’s a fun way to get around and save gas. I was able to locate all of the maintenance help via YouTube. I hope to put hundreds of miles on this bike.