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Rurui Tarpan XT9
Lawrence K. (United States)
Great for my commute

I've put about 50miles on the bike so far. It's great for my commute. I have taken it on asphalt, gravel, and dirt. Handles great.

Thumb Throttle
John (United States)
Thumb throttle Replacement

Sometimes things ware out or just go bad
That’s the case here,
New part was exactly what was needed
Same as old one just New.

Rurui Tarpan XT9
Dmytro K. (United States)

Rurui Tarpan XT9

Rurui Panthera XT8
Customer (United States)
Love my XT8

140 miles and have no complaints and I ride hard. Just had to adjust the derailleur a bit. Besides that it's better than I was even expecting!!

Rurui XT3 Battery
Bruce H. (United States)
Nice Battery

Good Battery life. A little expensive.

Intelligent Air Pump
Forrest H. (United States)

Intelligent Air Pump

Rurui Panthera XT8
Forrest H. (United States)

Rurui Panthera XT8

Rurui Panthera XT8
dyanne s. (United States)

Great bike rise. Nice battery last long time.

I'm super happy with this ebike. I got it this March and have 800 miles on it with no issues. You...

Awesome Bike after 6 months


I tried to put up photos but was unsuccessful. This bike is amazing I took it for a 6 mile ride this morning and it performed flawlessly. If you want a quality ebike without paying a outrageous price I highly recommend this one!

Rurui Panthera XT8
Amir K. (United States)
Great E-Bike

Solid bike. Needed some fine tuning with the gears and brakes but all bikes that get shipped do. So far, awesome bike!!

Rurui Panthera XT8
Cristian L.
Overall happy w my is and badass.. Cris from Texas...thanks!

So far I'm happy w this bike's fast ...sturdy ...balanced , holds my weight ,230 lbs ... Great to have and be outdoors... Thanks rurui

Rurui XT10 Battery
John (United States)
Back up Battery for Longer Rides

If you wanna keep the Long Ride Going
Gotta have a back up battery.

The XT-10 Ebike battery is Factory Equipment
And I wanted to keep it that way.

Definitely After market products available for Less.

Frame Bag
carl h. (United States)
nice travel bag Thanks again

This may come in handy

Enjoyed getting back into bike

bikeEnjoyed getting back into bike riding with my wife. Roads, trails, and hills are much easier to manage allowing you to take longer rides to enjoy more of what nature has to offer.

Fantastic bike!

Fantastic bike!

Best investment for your health and fun!!

This bike is well worth the money. It gives you plenty of exercise with the freedom to travel hills with ease! I love it 😍

Great bike!

At 350 miles this bike is doing great! Love it!

Tall bike

Loving it ! Uphill , downhill , through the woods it's been great ! I am 5'6" and it works but anything less you better be really agile.
I am climbing right up 700 ft of elevation . It does chew up the battery but been getting 30 -40 miles per charge depending on boost and terrain. Still get exercise but makes it fun and easy .

Yes just wish it could

couldYes just wish it could go 5 miles faster😂🤣😂 but I’m happy with it.

Get it

I put 1,000 miles on it with no issue ever.

A great bike.

What can I say except it Is a good bike. I have not driven my car in almost 2 months because of this bike. This also makes going places easier, more convenient and much more enjoyable.

Rurui Kestrel XT3
bill (United States)
Love this bike

I wanted to wait til I had some miles on my bike before I reviewed it. I have 250 miles on it now and can say that this bike is a great value. The 16ah battery has great range. I will take it on regular 20 mile rides and never have it go below 1/2 power level and I ride mostly in pedal assist 2. I had to adjust the brakes a couple times to get them set up perfectly, but they work fine. The seat is comfortable. Dollar for dollar it would be hard to find a better comparable bike. Added a rear rack and saddle bags and an adjustable handlebar riser and a cup holder (gotta have one of those) Very pleased with my purchase.

We are enjoying the bikes

bikesWe are enjoying the bikes very much. Going for some great rides and having good times with friends.

Battery Charger
Nicolas D. (United States)

it works