About Us

At RURUI, we have a passionate team composed of people who love bicycles and technology similarly. Everyone in our team can talk to you for hours when it comes to bikes.

All of us agree with one point of view. There're many things you can do to improve the performance of an electric bike, instead of only replacing parts with higher Numbernical Specifications at a much higher cost.

Benefit from everyone's dedication to product performance and quality. At RURUI, we can proudly say that every model from RURUI did the optimal performance with its current parts.

We usually being asked questions like 'Why is it so fast? Is it really 350 watt only?' and 'Why it feels so powerful with only a 500-watt motor?'
We're not using magic, we're just devoting ourselves to debug each model carefully.

Now we start to sell our products on our online store. We expect to hear your feedback about anything about the bike!