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Before You Buy

Do you sell accessories or replacement parts?

Yes! We want your bike to match your personality and riding style, so you can personalize your bike as you see fit.

Check out our Accessories page to see what’s available, or take a look at our Replacement Parts page. These products cannot be preinstalled on a bike prior to shipment. They will be shipped in their own respective packages. If the part you need is not listed on our website, contact us.

Can I customize my bike by adding or removing parts?

Rurui Bikes tests the compatibility and safety of products sold on our website and in-store, but we cannot guarantee products not made or sold by us. Installing and using aftermarket or third-party parts or accessories is at your own risk.

Before replacing any of the components with aftermarket parts, we recommend you contact us so we can help give you some information on compatibility and how the changes may affect your warranty.

Manual & Instruction

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Getting Started with Rurui Bikes

Welcome to the Rurui E-Bikes club! We understand you're excited and can't wait to ride it. Let's take a quick look at how to operate it.

There're three buttons on the left handle, M, Up, and Down;
Press the M button for three seconds to turn on/off the display;
Click the Up/Down button to increase/decrease the PAS/Throttle level (the motor only responds to your pedal/throttle when this is not on zero;)
Press the Up button for three seconds to turn on/off the headlight;
Press the Down button for three seconds to cruise/walk the bike when going/parking.

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