5 Tips for Maintaining Ebike Battery

1. Charge early and often

Instead of draining it down and charging, keep the battery above 30% of will overall battery life cycle. Keep charging even though you do not need to use it, which benefits your battery longevity.

Also, we recommend you charge at 75% whose cells will degrade less compared to a higher charge level.

2. Avoid Extreme Climate

To a certain extent, our battery is designed for resistance to extreme cold or hot. Inevitably, the battery consumption will reduce faster when grappling with extreme weather. It would be nice for the battery to store in dry, shaded areas with a moderate temperature of about 72 degrees Fahrenheit.

3. Steer away from puddles

As is already well known, water and electricity do not mix well.

And our Rurui bike’s battery is famous for its dedicated protection. It is noteworthy that a keyhole is located on the surface of the battery and exposed. Please remember to wipe it clean and stay dry after heavy rain or going through some puddles.

4. How to store over the winter

Ideally, charging it once a month would be better. It is no doubt that no one would like to use a dead battery when the spring comes. Charging ensures they’ll completely recharge next season, and it greatly reduces the risk of a frozen battery over the winter season.

5. Confirm charger is suitable for your battery

Check the input voltage before using battery chargers; if the input is higher than the voltage the charger can withstand, it may cause damage to the components inside the charger. It’s the best way for a longer battery lifespan to use the same charger as the Ebike's brand.

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